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Nine things not to say to Dog Rescue volunteers

Originally posted on Exquisite Corpse:
In October 2013, we made a decision as a family to give dog fostering a go. I’ll admit that I was somewhat selfish in my reasons for wanting to foster dogs; we had been thinking…

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My perfect weekend

I saw a Robin today, which can only mean one thing: The traditional human springtime rituals are about to commence. This includes cleaning house, openeing windows and my favorite of all,  preparing the garden. Mom has been pouring through seed catalogs … Continue reading

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5 Common Misconceptions

Number One-  Your dog enjoys seeing you naked I often hear humans complain that their precious Rover turns into a furry little perv whenever they begin undress.  Calmly sitting on the carpet in their bedroom, he simply watches and waits, his … Continue reading

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Rule #1-don’t fall in love with your foster

Going for a car ride is supposed to be the highlight of any sensible dog’s day. Whether the destination is less than desirable (the vet) or the most wonderful place on earth (Grandma’s house) it is always the best time … Continue reading

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What a difference a day makes

Maybe it was the very long ride to NJ that had Maggie out of sorts. After all, she was stuffed in a crate that was stacked in a van with 32 other frightened and stinky shelter dogs. I heard they … Continue reading

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Exit Katie-Enter Maggie

The Christmas of 2010 will forever be referred to as: The Worst Christmas Ever.  At least that is what I call it; Mom and Tom had a great old-time. Though we did have a flurry of holiday company, which is … Continue reading

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I Hate Puppies

Have you seen those commercials?  You know the ones:  an adorable blond puppy snuggling in a pile of fresh smelling laundry or the happy-go-lucky lab mischievously tracking mud into the house while the actor-Mom, sporting a cheesy smile, wipes behind with … Continue reading

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